An Alliance to Help Illinois Businesses Lower Their Energy Costs

IFF Non-Profit Loan Program

Responding to the Needs of Nonprofits

IFF is a nonprofit lender and real estate consultant dedicated to strengthening nonprofits and the communities they serve. With total assets of $200 million, IFF is able to help nonprofits finance, plan, and build facilities that are critical to their mission and success. Since 1988, IFF has been a trusted partner to nonprofits in every sector, including health care, education, child care, and housing. IFF helps nonprofits grow and successfully complete their capital projects. View two examples on the right side of this page.

Through IFF loans and real estate consulting, nonprofits have renovated and constructed millions of square feet to house their programs and services, and saved millions of dollars in fees and interest that instead contributed to their long-term financial health.

Energy Efficiency Loans for Nonprofits

All nonprofits can benefit from integrating energy efficient design and construction techniques into their renovation/retrofit.

In partnership with Energy Impact Illinois, IFF is able to offer affordable, flexible energy efficiency financing ranging from $10,000 to $1.5 million for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Energy efficient lighting systems
  • New or upgraded HVAC systems
  • Building envelope projects, such as insulation/window upgrades, or cool roofing techniques
  • Implementation of Energy Cost Reduction Measures identified in energy audits

If you represent a non-profit and own your property, contact Sarah Moloney at IFF to learn more: 312-596-5144