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Maximize Your Savings With a Whole Home Approach

What is a "Whole Home" Approach?
To maximize the the energy efficiency of your home, it is essential to take a "whole home" approach. This means understanding the interactions between you, your home, your climate, and the things in your home that use energy.

A good example of this is the way your heating and cooling systems work with your doors, windows and exterior walls. If you purchase an energy efficient furnace without having sufficient insulation, you will be efficiently creating warm air that easily escapes to the outdoors. It’s like driving a fuel efficient car on flat tires.

Start with an Energy Assessment

There are many do-it-yourself projects that will allow you to become more energy efficient, but to do it right and to get the greatest impact, schedule an energy assessment of your home. Certified energy assessors are trained professionals that examine your entire home to assess how you use energy and determine which measures can give you the best bang for your energy saving buck. They use sophisticated equipment and tests to give you customized recommendations that meet your needs and budget.

An energy assessment is easy and only takes a few hours. It will help you will understand exactly how you're using energy, and get on your way to a more comfortable home, lower energy costs, and a smaller strain on natural resources. Check out this video below to learn more about a home energy assessment.

What to Expect in an Energy Assessment


Earn an Illinois Home Performance with Energy Star Certificate
If you would like to increase the resale value if your home, lower your energy costs and increase comfort, consider the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. This program connects homeowners with qualified contractors and energy auditors who assess each homes ‘performance’ and perform renovations that result in energy savings and improved home comfort.

Once you’ve completed the Home Performance process, you can earn an Illinois Home Performance Silver or Gold certificate, which can be shown off to your neighbors and uploaded to the MLS when you sell your home.

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